Yacht Races; an Infographic

Thanks very much to East Freemantle Yacht Club who recently sent me this infographic detailing the great yacht races of the world, I'll let them introduce it properly:

The world’s oceans provide the setting for some of the most difficult and prestigious races in sailing, some of which have been in existence for a century or more. From the world-renowned America’s Cup, which has been sought after by yachting enthusiasts for more than 150 years, to more recent big prizes such as the Volvo Ocean Race and Vendée Globe, this infographic by East Fremantle Yacht Club (http://www.efyc.com.au/) traces the origins of these time-honoured sailing competitions. It also gives the reader a few interesting facts about each race, in addition to acknowledging the reigning champions.

Yacht races infographic from East Freemantle Yacht Club

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