Welcome to Catherall Consulting; established in 2012 to provide consulting services in modelling, optimization, and machine-learning to clients in all industries who wish to create intelligent solutions to difficult problems. Solutions delivered range from simulation and optimal control systems to regression and machine-learning algorithms; from technical guidance to natural language processing.

We have a wealth of experience in the world of Formula One and we have applied our expertise to many and various engineering and data-science problems outside of this field. Examples of our work both in and out of F1 include:

  • Simulation and optimization the control and usage of the 2014 F1 hybrid powertrain.
  • Race-strategy optimization from learned competitor performance and tyre characteristics.
  • Modelling and simulating the role of nitric oxide in the regulation of blood flow in the brain.
  • Intelligent feature extraction and combination in multivariate regression, including natural language processing and word embedding.
  • Identifying asynchronous vibrations in a Tornado jet engine.
  • Controlling monomer delivery for a plasma-enhanced vapour deposition process.
  • Simulating the effect of drag reduction on overtaking in F1 for the FIA.
  • Extracting competitor performance from GPS data.

We also provide teaching in efficient and effective use of the Matlab programming environment for engineers of all disciplines. Our teaching experience includes creating and delivering custom Matlab courses for groups of engineers at McLaren Racing and Scuderia Ferrari.

Catherall Consulting's clients include: Toro Rosso, Ferrari, Project Hillgate, and Future-Fit Business Benchmark, amongst others.

For any enquiries or to find our how we could help your business, please do not hesitate to contact us at enquiries(at)catherallconsulting.com.